Thursday, 3 March 2011

As I sit here watching the NME awards which I recorded and never had the chance to watch, I cant help but think that I have nothing to write about. So apologies if this is a bit random and pointless.

A Macro of a maths paper, apologies
I was taking some photos earlier cos I didnt really know what to do with my time and I couldnt be arsed starting my a3 art drawing. I then did some mediocre edits to stick into my art book, in order to show "similarities and/or differences". Exciting shit, I know. Well, the sketchbook seems to be gaining some weight, I think its something along the lines of 20-something pages done, 42 to go! And with four weeks to go to our exam, I really have a feeling of not being too bothered. I am doing the work, and I want to do well, its just that I feel with this module I'm just going to relax a bit, and do what ever I feel like.
Something on my desk... I guess you can guess what it is!

In other news, whilst much English revision has arrived, many other good things have happened, like finishing my graphics product, and the likes which I have gradually learnt not to mention. But either way, :D

Its my first camera, what has dust on it. Crazy deep shit here.
I genuinely dont know what else I could write about, but Mathew Bellamy's voice is incredible. Both speaking and singing wise.

- Colm

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