Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Drama and the Likes,

 Good evening! In the recent week I have had many a thing to write about. But only now can I be bothered:

Recently, I realised that I had to re-do an english drama piece, and that our last chance to get the grade we want would be on the scene of Curley's Wife's death in, "Of Mice and Men".  Unfortunately, the role I was assigned was that of the retarded character of Lennie. I had to sit on my own, complaining about how I killed a dog, and would no longer be able to, "tend the rabbits" and how I had, "done a bad thing". Not only that, but the humiliation continued! I then had to excitedly bang on about how I loved velvet, and proceed to rub my dramatical partners hair, murmuring, "Oooh, thats nice" repeatedly. Despite my shitty american accent and cancerously bad acting, I somehow managed to get an a*! That says a lot about myself really, the only time I succeed at drama is when I am playing a retard. However, I will still hold on to the fact that I think I was only given the grade out of pity, as she had previously asked who needed the grades or not. This is where the real tragedy comes in. I had made a miscalculation. The only benefit of doing better in this drama, was humiliating myself, and moving up from an average of 24.6 to 25.3, meaning no good was done at all.

- Colm

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