Monday, 14 March 2011

In the many weeks since my last post (I think), many a thing has happened.

Blossfeldt Style Developments...

My father, sister, another person and I went to see my schools production of "Oklahoma", which I thought I could review... but you know I am a very lazy "blogger", so I'll keep it brief; for your sake as well as mine.

I thought it was good, despite not liking musicals, but the storyline was somewhat lacking in a clear purpose, and depth. However, it was definitely worth going to just see a close friend of mine threatening people with weaponry larger than him, and singing "the farmer and the cowman should be friends"!

On Saturday, I was lucky enough to go to see Two Door Cinema Club in the Roundhouse. The two supports were both good, with the acoustic relaxingness of Dry the River sharply juxtaposing with the 15-strong I'm From Barcelona. Two Door Cinema Club themselves were very good too! The standing atmosphere was the perfect amount of getting crushed/moshed/beered, and I felt that a good time was had by all! I feel that despite my predjudiced views of them being, "gay acoustic", I will now listen to more than the three songs of theirs I knew.

More when I can be arsed!

- Colm


  1. 3rd picture down - rather intriguing!
    I see photoshopping imperfections, but other than that - whatisit? :D
    Eheh, "another person"....;D

  2. Shh, I left that out cos I thought it would be hard to notice in thumbnail size! xD
    Its a ziggurat in my tree :D