Tuesday, 28 December 2010

In Ireland...

In usual family tradition, we have taken it upon ourselves to venture to Ireland this new year. Im not sure wether I should be happy or sad. I havent been to Ireland in a while, but I think I'd rather be at home enjoyed the party season and in a place where I can paint my canvas at will, although to be honest, I think I might be more productive in my other studies without the many distractions of home life.

Well anyway, the flight over to ireland felt like nothing after my last flight, a 13-hour leviathon of a flight. But at the same time I wasnt too pleased to be seated in front of a small child playing some kind of ridiculous indoctrinating education 'game'. Have they never heard of Pokémon?! In other mildly interesting flight news, my recently turned 18 sister was rather excited about this particular flight, as she could finally legally purchase alcohol! She wasn't too pleased to see my mother buy me some anyway, but at least she could do it herself.

Soon after we got a short taxi to our grandparents house, which was for reasons that I probably shouldnt publish was rather different to a slough taxi journey. Then the fun began! An octogenarian family friend and her husband came round to the house, and a riveting conversation ensued! Its a shame I couldnt understand the accent. Then I set up the internet of the house, which is now broadcasting with a mildly innapropriate SSID, and did some Romeo and Juliet essaying. Then the hours just flied by, but alas, by fun must end some time, so I moved on to some science module revision. On a more serious note, I really dont mind science revision that much, I get a strange sense of enjoyment when I know enough to answer the hilariously easy OCR questions. Im so glad I was able to get a CGP book before the term ended, the quality of the textbook is definately worse the atrocious puns.

On a slightly more on topic note, I have a camera with me, but thanks to my unparraleled genius I didnt bring the cable. So I might have some photos of the trip up, but after I get back (4th). Thankfully my photoshop torrent finished downloading today (ssshh, don't tell anyone) so I wont have to put up with GIMP's user interface for much longer. But alas, thanks to Irish Nazi internet I can't get onto the pirate bay to get the serial code, so I only have a trial version for now. I suppose it doesnt really matter too much.

Tommorow I might be going off into Dublin to hit the sales, armed with a 30 euro Pull and Bear voucher, so, If I get the time, I shall write tommorow. Sorry about not having any photos at the moment, but I might put up a few edits of photos I've allready uploaded.
Once again, many apologies for any crappy spelling and/or grammar, but this post is too far tl;dr for me even to contemplate proof reading.

- Colm

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

No photos yet, but I might put some, that I took today, up later on.

Been a good day? I have to say that this year I really wasnt getting that excited about Christmas. Im not exactly the excitable type, but I usually look forward to Christmas. Well, im not saying that I wasnt looking forward to it, just not as much as usual.

This year has been the first we didnt go to church, which is strange, as we usually do. But Im really not that bothered, Im hardly the religious type. Many a boring sunday has been spend wishing I was still asleep at home in my bed... rather than asleep in a pew at church.

I dont have that much to write about, as I didnt really do a lot today. I was woken up by my sister at 9 o clock, and fell back to sleep many a time. In fact, I had to be practically dragged out of bed so my sister could get to open her presents. Then we went downstairs and opened our presents. Soon after this we had some brunch and eventually got ourselves ready to go to windsor. The conditions were hardly optimal, so I wasnt suprised to see barely anyone wandering the streets. Soon, what was intended to be an atmospheric christmas walk turned into a battle to stay upright, as the paths were completely covered in ice.

From windsor we then drove to my fathers house, where we had round two of present openings, from which I recieved the laptop I am posting on now! And here we are, were all just relaxing at the moment, looking forward to christmas dinner with highly anticapating stomachs.

Merry Christmas person reading my blog; I hope you have a good one!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

One day into our christmas holidays and I'm already waking up at 12:30. Oh well, thats what there for, right?

Anyway, more ancient-ass photos.

Sunset over the lake

Took this one by accident, turned out suprisingly well though.

Boats etc.

Across the lake

Sunset and the bridge

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Some Ancient-ass Photos

These are the first few photos I took when I first aquired a semi-decent camera a couple of years back. They where taken at Dorney Lake in mid summer, I think.
Please criticize et.c.

- Colm
I know theres only one at the moment, more soon.

Public Transport, Art, and Stupidity do not mix well.

'lo all.

Once again, there has been a snow day.

I'm writing now as I wait for some paper maché to dry so I can paint a model for art.
Said Drying Paper Maché
This final piece I have been working on has caused me a lot of pain today. I had to wake up early to get into school for 2 O'Clock, and once I got there I had to trapse around in the snow looking for the elusive 'Roman'. Once I found him I had to search through the art room for about 20 minuites, checking behind every canvas and pile of scetchbooks for mine. I then realised, after I thought all hope was lost, that infact, my work may be in the other art room where I usually have my lessons.

Said Troublesome Canvas
You would have thought I would have realised this before moving huge piles of a1 folders and crawling through tunnels filled with work, but I am a simple man, and thus had to pay the price of shuffling out and moving it all back again. Once I had finally aquired my canvas I then had to get the bus back home. Typically, the denizens of slough public transport are not very nice people, and tend to reek of cheap chicken and chips, but today it had to be worse. Not only was I charged 200% on my 'Child' single as the driver didn't believe I was 15, but I had to shuffle next to a rather large woman with a canvas bigger than both of us.

The standard public transport passive aggression then began. She was constantly sighing and shifting, and pushing my legs away, to which I had no patience; do people not realise that if someone comes onto a bus with a canvas bigger than them, it's probably as a last resort?!

Well anyway, im off to continue painting my final piece.

- Colm

Monday, 20 December 2010

Oioi saveloys,

Todays a snow day and I have honestly nothing better to be doing.

I just caught up on the Apprentice final and the Misfits christmas special.

Two mighty fine programs in my opinion. Although if I must be honest with you, there where some pretty humoungous plot holes in misfits. If you had the power to rewind time then why would you sell it off at the drop of a hat, and then get a massive boner over getting £20 000? Surely you could get up to more valuable things with the ability to turn back time? Well, im not going to lay into it too much, its a good show and it kept me entertained! Nathan is one of those characters that just makes you proud to be Irish, and I'm sure, one that makes people want an Irish accent even more...

But enough mumbabiling about Misfits, there are much more important things to be doing at this time of year. Like getting presents for your loved ones, or forgetting to, as the case may be. Looks like I'm getting 'bath shit' for everyone again...

N.B. - In accordance with the reason for starting this blog, I have inserted seemingly random photo edits of some shashins I took in Japan. Not really relevant in anyway, but I hope you enjoy.

Also, sorry if I have any appaling grammar or spelling errors in this, I would spell check it, but I really can't be arsed.

- Colm

Monday, 6 December 2010

Starting up

Seen as though I dont actually have anyone viewing my blog, this seems rather pointless.
But I might aswell post this;
I'm just setting everything up at the moment, so I wont be posting anything of worth for a while. That may be a bit misleading, as it implies what I will post will be of worth
Oh well,  make of it what you will!

- Colm