Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Im Doing a Post! :O

I have surprised even myself now. Sorry it's been so long since I last wrote, I know you've all missed my almost poetic way with words, wonderfully crafted around the topics which you all care about dearly.

Since my last post many beautiful things have happened. For example, my mother just started singing "Riding Dirty". In other news....

ENGLISH IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Basically, my quality of life -among other things- has been on the rise since then, the only revision I have left now is to simply read a book and learn some uber interesting facts about Jesus, business and shit.

In even other news, which is compltely unrelated and old; I now own some kind of Star Wars collectible thingy thats in a frame and signed by Darth Vader :') Hopefully it'll be worth something in 10 years.

I happened to be watching TV earlier, which is a very rare occurance, and Starbucks was featured on it, as a global "superbrand" and how it behaved in such a manner. Personaly, I cant see why so many people like the place, there are many reasons for my hatrid towards them:
  1. Their coffee is very over priced!
  2. Their coffee tastes of shite.
  3. Their coffee is far weaker than most other coffee-houses and a double shot is required on almost all drinks for it to taste like anything other than a cup of milk
In fact, the only people that do buy their drinks there are the people who are for some reason seeking some kind of mocha/latte/frappuccino which is either a milk or cream based drink which has absolutely nothing to do with coffee in the first place! If by some unknown reason you do find yourself in a Starbucks with no where else to go, it may be better to just bite the bullet and have one of these atrocities; their espresso tastes of.... well, there are no words to be honest.

But thats enough ranting about Starbucks (Costa FTW); I dont want to annoy Hannan ( too much.

And finally;

Next week shallt be very busy for me. Its ridiculous. I have six exams in one week! I wouldnt mind if they were spread out two or three a week, but I will have three weeks with one exam, one week with two... and one with six. Seems quite poorly organised to me. But oh well, I shall have to deal with these silly examiners and their silly plots to drive me insane.

Either way, I have also been tweeted by the bassist (or something like that) from Pendulum, "El Hornet". It wasn't a particularly interesting tweet, but it was a step up from being tweeted by the elusive Wonga Man!

Aforementioned moderately exciting tweet.

Well, as the early morn has dawned, I'll give up on making this blog post any more susbtancial or sense making, thanks for reading, Ill try and post more regularly (after next dastardly week!)!

- Colm