Thursday, 17 March 2011

Interesting Times

 So, after much persuading and nagging, my mother has kindly re-stocked on ink and photo paper, so my art book is beginning to fill up some more; 2 Weeks remaining and 18 pages to go!I have looked back at my work inspired by Karl Blossfeldt from my Contrast book, and have chose to continue with this into my exam book. The photos, which I believe are fairly effective, are made very easily, simply by desaturating the image and adding varying "cartoon" layers. This is very time efficient, and allows me to continue my revision studies, and any other homework I may have.

In other news, I have also very nearly finished my ICT coursework! At last! I only have a few random bits to do left, which will become evident when my teacher finally comes to looking through my work. Although I must say I am annoyed at the amount of lunchtimes I have wasted away in room 208 for half a gcse, the work is easy enough to remind me that it is probably worth while.

At the moment I am not up to much, I was doing some art, and some graphics revision, which is possibly the most boring type of all. Im pretty sure everything is more interesting than learning about adhesives and "spiral wound tubes". In fact, I would say even english, my arch enemy of subjects, is more interesting! But anyways, I fear I have banged on a bit too much about school, which is the story of my blog, to be honest. But admitedly, Im not sure I have much else to talk about, which shows the depressing life I lead. And anything else more interesting Im not sure I can even talk about with my friends (Olly - ¬¬), let alone post on the internet!

- Colm

Edited by me, but not primary source!

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