Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Why Revision is like taking a Good Shit

This may be a

Revision, which is now pretty much upon us, can be difficult to stick to, and can seem quite scary, like a  massive immovable object between now and the summer. But I dont think its all too bad, as long as you have dedication, and know how to spend your time well (considering work and play) then you will be fine!

Upon thinking about this, I was suddenly hit with a somewhat strange analogy (wahey), which I thought I may as well share with you all. I would think twice about posting this, but its late and I haven't thought this through.

There is the build up, of eating food, and digesting et.c. Take this to be going to lessons and doing homework. Then, once you actually go to do aforementioned shit, there can be brief moments of discomfort, followed by an overall more satisfying feeling of relief. And of course; there is the classic metaphor of "shitting on exam papers", which I have heard from my friends many a time in pre exam pep talks.

Hope this helps! ;D

- Colm

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Drama and the Likes,

 Good evening! In the recent week I have had many a thing to write about. But only now can I be bothered:

Recently, I realised that I had to re-do an english drama piece, and that our last chance to get the grade we want would be on the scene of Curley's Wife's death in, "Of Mice and Men".  Unfortunately, the role I was assigned was that of the retarded character of Lennie. I had to sit on my own, complaining about how I killed a dog, and would no longer be able to, "tend the rabbits" and how I had, "done a bad thing". Not only that, but the humiliation continued! I then had to excitedly bang on about how I loved velvet, and proceed to rub my dramatical partners hair, murmuring, "Oooh, thats nice" repeatedly. Despite my shitty american accent and cancerously bad acting, I somehow managed to get an a*! That says a lot about myself really, the only time I succeed at drama is when I am playing a retard. However, I will still hold on to the fact that I think I was only given the grade out of pity, as she had previously asked who needed the grades or not. This is where the real tragedy comes in. I had made a miscalculation. The only benefit of doing better in this drama, was humiliating myself, and moving up from an average of 24.6 to 25.3, meaning no good was done at all.

- Colm

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Interesting Times

 So, after much persuading and nagging, my mother has kindly re-stocked on ink and photo paper, so my art book is beginning to fill up some more; 2 Weeks remaining and 18 pages to go!I have looked back at my work inspired by Karl Blossfeldt from my Contrast book, and have chose to continue with this into my exam book. The photos, which I believe are fairly effective, are made very easily, simply by desaturating the image and adding varying "cartoon" layers. This is very time efficient, and allows me to continue my revision studies, and any other homework I may have.

In other news, I have also very nearly finished my ICT coursework! At last! I only have a few random bits to do left, which will become evident when my teacher finally comes to looking through my work. Although I must say I am annoyed at the amount of lunchtimes I have wasted away in room 208 for half a gcse, the work is easy enough to remind me that it is probably worth while.

At the moment I am not up to much, I was doing some art, and some graphics revision, which is possibly the most boring type of all. Im pretty sure everything is more interesting than learning about adhesives and "spiral wound tubes". In fact, I would say even english, my arch enemy of subjects, is more interesting! But anyways, I fear I have banged on a bit too much about school, which is the story of my blog, to be honest. But admitedly, Im not sure I have much else to talk about, which shows the depressing life I lead. And anything else more interesting Im not sure I can even talk about with my friends (Olly - ¬¬), let alone post on the internet!

- Colm

Edited by me, but not primary source!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

This week is going surprisingly slowly, I must say. Today was the day that I first broke my unbroken 16 year no detention streak, when I was detained for half an hour for not handing in some business studies homework on time. This was particularly annoying as completed the sheet on the day it was set! However, I had to accept my punishment like a man, as I couldnt find it anywhere.

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's day, which means its a day where the seasoned drinkers come out and celebrate irishness! Unfortunately, Cein and myself cannot go on our pub tour of Ireland for then, but that can always wait for the summer, or alternatively, Saturday. But for everyone reading this, I must say, please drink responsibly, you wouldnt want to ruin a good night by knocking everything over and subsequently getting alcohol poisoning.

In other news, the prodigy have announced that they will be releasing the film, "Worlds on Fire", which will be documenting the Warriors Dance Festival from summer last year! For those that dont know, this was a single day festival put on by the prodigy in milton keynes. It featured the DJs doorly, eddy temple morris, and zane lowe, who got progresivly less shit, and played between sets. Zane Lowe was particularly good, as he really got the crowd involved. The acts who played were, Does it Offend You, Yeah? Enter Shikari, Chase and Status, Pendulum, and of course, The Prodigy. This was one hell of a line up, and we were lucky enough to get just to the barrier! However, it was possibly one of the most exhausting experiences of my life, 11 hours of dancing with no food an minimal drink does not bode well for the body, especially when you have to walk a couple of miles to get to your car!

But anyways, it would be brilliant to re live this, almost a year on, and will get me excited for the summer holidays, which I think will be well worth the length preperation/exams period. The film will be showing for one day only in slough, and all of us will be going that went, so we will all be filled with nostalgia and the un restrainable urge to start dancing in the cinema. But seen as though it will be slough there wont be many people in the screening, but if they do, they will probably be armed, so I suppose we'll have to be carefull.

Sorry if this post didnt make a whole lot of sense, its getting late and Im tired D:

- Colm

Monday, 14 March 2011

In the many weeks since my last post (I think), many a thing has happened.

Blossfeldt Style Developments...

My father, sister, another person and I went to see my schools production of "Oklahoma", which I thought I could review... but you know I am a very lazy "blogger", so I'll keep it brief; for your sake as well as mine.

I thought it was good, despite not liking musicals, but the storyline was somewhat lacking in a clear purpose, and depth. However, it was definitely worth going to just see a close friend of mine threatening people with weaponry larger than him, and singing "the farmer and the cowman should be friends"!

On Saturday, I was lucky enough to go to see Two Door Cinema Club in the Roundhouse. The two supports were both good, with the acoustic relaxingness of Dry the River sharply juxtaposing with the 15-strong I'm From Barcelona. Two Door Cinema Club themselves were very good too! The standing atmosphere was the perfect amount of getting crushed/moshed/beered, and I felt that a good time was had by all! I feel that despite my predjudiced views of them being, "gay acoustic", I will now listen to more than the three songs of theirs I knew.

More when I can be arsed!

- Colm

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

More art development

So, for friday we need to create an a3 page of 6-9 small developments for art, and at times like this, I am glad it was suggested that I do photography, as it really doesnt take too long. Although I guess I could do some drawings if I wanted...

Also, in more random news, I believe that the only reason I revise english, is to make everything else in my life better. I genuinly dont think there is anything worse.

But im too tired to write anything else, sorry for not making sense!

More development. This is why I love doing photos for art, only takes 5 minutes :')

Thursday, 3 March 2011

As I sit here watching the NME awards which I recorded and never had the chance to watch, I cant help but think that I have nothing to write about. So apologies if this is a bit random and pointless.

A Macro of a maths paper, apologies
I was taking some photos earlier cos I didnt really know what to do with my time and I couldnt be arsed starting my a3 art drawing. I then did some mediocre edits to stick into my art book, in order to show "similarities and/or differences". Exciting shit, I know. Well, the sketchbook seems to be gaining some weight, I think its something along the lines of 20-something pages done, 42 to go! And with four weeks to go to our exam, I really have a feeling of not being too bothered. I am doing the work, and I want to do well, its just that I feel with this module I'm just going to relax a bit, and do what ever I feel like.
Something on my desk... I guess you can guess what it is!

In other news, whilst much English revision has arrived, many other good things have happened, like finishing my graphics product, and the likes which I have gradually learnt not to mention. But either way, :D

Its my first camera, what has dust on it. Crazy deep shit here.
I genuinely dont know what else I could write about, but Mathew Bellamy's voice is incredible. Both speaking and singing wise.

- Colm