Monday, 10 October 2011

Moar Photos, but with words - Reading Edition

Looks like Im being a lazy bastard again, so no text again. Count yourselves lucky!

Before you call me a hipster and quote the "Being a Dickhead's Cool" song, please remember that some of these photos were taking using a disposable camera, so the vintage effect is there for a reason, not because I have an 'app on my iPhone'...

Actually, screw it, Im going to write anyway. This is because aforementioned hipster-ey photos are on the PC adjacent to me, which I cant be arsed to go to at the moment, but at the same time, I feel too complacent staring at facebook and twitter and the likes, so I shall write instead.

Campsite + Sister + Gaijin Pose
The last month or so has brought with it great fortune. Most notably in the result area. I had been studying and preparing coursework for my GCSE exams since the end of 2009, including some intensive revision from March to the start of my exams, so I was very pleased that this amount of work had paid off. I managed to achieve 9.5 A* grades (the half being short course ICT - which I am so glad was an A*, because otherwise it would have actually been pointless, as my friends often professed) and one A! (damn you art!)

Then, myself and a few friends went off to Reading, to enjoy the music and spend the majority of my time trying not to fall over in mud, and rise above the supernovas of pain in my feet! I wont bore you with the details, but the music was amazing! You cant go wrong with Muse! You can, however, with the Strokes, who were probably the most dull headliner I've ever seen. I didnt hear a good word about them the whole time I was meandering about the site.

Campsite + Sister + Gaijin Pose + ... Toilets

My sister was lucky enough, also, to win a pair of guest tickets to the festival, with the hipster music magazine NME. So, we were able to camp in the lap of luxury, with amazing features, such as taps and portaloos! (Believe me, anything was a step up from the toilet at the 'commoner's' camping area - which was essentially a septic tank with seats attached to it; in which you had the wonderful ability of being able to view everyone's digested matter floating past)

I also, as you know from last post, travelled to Brighton with my lovely girlfriend ( were we spent the majority of the day lying on the beach, absorbing the mediocre heat of an English summer day, and browsed the many strange shops and delicious smelling bakeries! Omnomnom.

"Dave" looking suitably chinese
In other news, 6th form has started! I am quite pleased with my choices so far; Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Japanese. We have a new teacher for Japanese, our brilliant Sensei had to leave, unfortunately, in order to move to China. She was good, and seemed to have high expectations, although she does have very big shoes to fill! I seem to be coping with the workload so far, but it is only the first week! I trust I shall keep up, however. Good luck to all the other Year 12s starting this week!
Cein (not pictured - ball squeeze)

In other news, I must attent to my iTunes, in order to drown out the utter nonsense that is 'Big Brother' (which my family are, idiotically, watching), whose title is an absolute corruption of and disgraceful reference to the literary masterpiece that is 1984. Grrrr.

- Colm