Wednesday, 16 March 2011

This week is going surprisingly slowly, I must say. Today was the day that I first broke my unbroken 16 year no detention streak, when I was detained for half an hour for not handing in some business studies homework on time. This was particularly annoying as completed the sheet on the day it was set! However, I had to accept my punishment like a man, as I couldnt find it anywhere.

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's day, which means its a day where the seasoned drinkers come out and celebrate irishness! Unfortunately, Cein and myself cannot go on our pub tour of Ireland for then, but that can always wait for the summer, or alternatively, Saturday. But for everyone reading this, I must say, please drink responsibly, you wouldnt want to ruin a good night by knocking everything over and subsequently getting alcohol poisoning.

In other news, the prodigy have announced that they will be releasing the film, "Worlds on Fire", which will be documenting the Warriors Dance Festival from summer last year! For those that dont know, this was a single day festival put on by the prodigy in milton keynes. It featured the DJs doorly, eddy temple morris, and zane lowe, who got progresivly less shit, and played between sets. Zane Lowe was particularly good, as he really got the crowd involved. The acts who played were, Does it Offend You, Yeah? Enter Shikari, Chase and Status, Pendulum, and of course, The Prodigy. This was one hell of a line up, and we were lucky enough to get just to the barrier! However, it was possibly one of the most exhausting experiences of my life, 11 hours of dancing with no food an minimal drink does not bode well for the body, especially when you have to walk a couple of miles to get to your car!

But anyways, it would be brilliant to re live this, almost a year on, and will get me excited for the summer holidays, which I think will be well worth the length preperation/exams period. The film will be showing for one day only in slough, and all of us will be going that went, so we will all be filled with nostalgia and the un restrainable urge to start dancing in the cinema. But seen as though it will be slough there wont be many people in the screening, but if they do, they will probably be armed, so I suppose we'll have to be carefull.

Sorry if this post didnt make a whole lot of sense, its getting late and Im tired D:

- Colm


  1. Now we know your name. Twice.

  2. Crap xD
    I dont know how that happened D: