Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Geriant style sculpture
So once again I am sitting here with absolutely no idea what I should be doing. I've been doing some assorted revision over the past few days, as well as the occasional art coursework and graphics coursework. Nothing can quite compare to filling your sketchbook with cardboard "samples" to imitate the style of the wonderful artist Geriant Edwards, and his obsession with Ziggurats, which for the record, is chronically misspelt on his website. 

Yet another Geriant style sculpture
For my graphics I've just been painting my "phone" up, which still manages to look like a block of paint with some paper stuck to it, but hopefully it should look better after I add some 'embossing'; basically just sticking some cardboard on the pack and painting it over silver. Maybe I'm just being pessimistic, but hopefully it will be pulled up by the rest of my project, not least the "orgasmic" packaging, which is now in its fourth, unmade, iteration. On top of that, I still need to cram the working drawing onto one a3 page, and finish the development pages, which has now needed to be pushed down to font size 7, due to the amount of images, i.e. errors in production, on the page.

Geriant's egg
But any who, I am going on an "art trip" tomorrow, which has been organised by the amazing Connor O'Shea. I'm not completely sure that I even have to go on a trip, but at least it will be a couple of pages more minimum, and should give my sketchbook a slight edge, and some additional, much needed, direction.


Segmenting his juice sculpture to show "Similarities and/or Differences" :O

In other, non work related news, I collected some birthday cards, which I had left at my friend and I's party (joint birthday), including one which had a ticket to see Two Door Cinema Club! I would have been very annoyed with myself if I had lost it, so much love to aforementioned friend who found it, and of course the person who was generous enough to give it to me!
Further development of his egg


  1. Eurgh whaaat, who would give you a TDCC ticket? :/

  2. I feel honoured to be mentioned.

  3. Some short Polish ho' ^^

    Oh its fine ;D

  4. eheheh, "Total Pageviews: 666"

    D: D: D: