Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Why Revision is like taking a Good Shit

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Revision, which is now pretty much upon us, can be difficult to stick to, and can seem quite scary, like a  massive immovable object between now and the summer. But I dont think its all too bad, as long as you have dedication, and know how to spend your time well (considering work and play) then you will be fine!

Upon thinking about this, I was suddenly hit with a somewhat strange analogy (wahey), which I thought I may as well share with you all. I would think twice about posting this, but its late and I haven't thought this through.

There is the build up, of eating food, and digesting et.c. Take this to be going to lessons and doing homework. Then, once you actually go to do aforementioned shit, there can be brief moments of discomfort, followed by an overall more satisfying feeling of relief. And of course; there is the classic metaphor of "shitting on exam papers", which I have heard from my friends many a time in pre exam pep talks.

Hope this helps! ;D

- Colm

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