Wednesday, 5 January 2011

More rants about Buses

(Continuation of Irish photos)
Well, today wasn't too bad, other than that I had to get the bus, and my iPod was out of battery; a fate worse than death. Or, at least a fate worse than listening to other peoples ridiculously loud rap music, and the sound of people eating chicken and chips...

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Ireland's Eye and Howth Pier

Something resembling a palm tree... In Ireland?!

The journey didn't start off too bad, I managed to get out on time, but when I got to the bus stop I realised that I had no change. Typical first day back thing to happen. Well, I got onto the bus and immediately said, "Excuse me, could I owe you some money?". Thankfully, for the second time in a couple of months, the driver, who looked rather foreign, started at me in a bemused fashion, and soon waved me on to the bus without paying.

So, things appeared to be looking up, but obviously that couldn't last for long. The next stop, two small children sporting ridiculously luminous orange turbans, sat directly behind me. Unfortunately, it wasnt long before their loud banter turned into a game of 'bogeys'. My face lost all signs of emotion other than the standard bleak outlook expected of someone using Slough public transport, with someone behind them shouting so loud that your ear hurts.
Howth and Ireland's Eye (From another angle)

Then it just went from annoying to disgusting. The first, slightly amusing, comment made by the pair was, "Look! That building is a bogey", which of course incited guffaws from both of them. The next few lines I really don't want to go into for many reasons; one, it was pretty damn disgusting and I'm sure you don't want to know about it, two, I don't want my blog to look like a rant site about children on public transport.

To top it all off, somehow, it had managed to start raining in a deceptively light way, which you only notice the err, 'moisturising', effects of when you get home. But of course, as if that was enough fail for the day, I was greeted by laughter from my sister and mother, who had tried to pick me up from school. It was only then that I realised that it was Wednesday today, and not Monday, and I didn't have to take the bus anyway.
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- Colm


  1. I wish buses were dead D:

  2. I would too, but then I wouldnt be able to get home xD

  3. I liked the last 3 pics in this thread, good vantage point!

  4. haha, thanks, was a long enough walk to get there though!