Wednesday, 26 January 2011

White Lies and Cameras and the likes...

It feels good to be in Costa and not be revising! So, to combat this boredom, I will create a new blog post.
I dont really have much to be writing about, so I may switch to more musical theme for the time being.

On the drive up here, I listened to my recently arrived copy of To Lose My Life by the White Lies (shame it didnt arrive early enough to get signed!) I have to say, the lyrics are almost all as beautiful as they are meaningful, rivalling even the Editors, who are, in my eyes, the best lyricists I listen to. Well, that said, they are just as depressing too!   That's another good point to the White Lies significantly more electric second album, "Ritual". It is far less depressing. Although, on second thoughts, I'm not sure if that is a good thing; they suit that kind of style best, and it doesn't sound quite right otherwise!

That's my musical input for now, I'm not going to go into an essay, lest I make a fool of myself with my poor musical critical literature.

In other news, I have finally 'committed' to my A-Level choices; Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Japanese. It should be an interesting two years ahead!

In even more slightly more related news, I am looking to buy a decent camera, and finally upgrade from a humble compact to an (D)SLR. As I don't know too much about cameras specifically, if you have any suggestions/experience, please comment. (not that I'm expecting any comments, but oh well, nothing wrong with wishful thinking.)

Also, in case you are wondering why I am in a Costa at 22:13, its because I'm not. This was a draft started a few days ago, but I decided to keep it so I could have a bit of a ramble about the White Lies, and didnt have the heart to delete my somewhat pointless introduction.

- Colm


  1. "In case you are wondering why I am in a Costa at 22:13, its because I'm not" <--- Yeah. Makes perfect sense....;D
    They sound like good a-level choices, glad you're going for maths!

  2. But I asplained it under that! :P
    thankyou (: If that goes pear shaped ill just switch to Bio, but it should be fine :D