Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A Levels and Deadlines!

Gah! Its the time of year where we need to come up with our A Level options. Im still pretty sure I want to do my previously mentioned subjects, but I fear that I am lacking direction. I know I would like to do something in science, or, failing that, IT.

If anyone has any good course suggestions for uni (I like to look ahead) then they would be greatly appreciated. But other than that, things are still busy with deadlines n shit. However, since today, my science revision (hehe) is now over, as our exam has passed. Not amused about getting Chlorine and Fluorine mixed up, but oh well.

As with art, I was told that I could be achieving as high as 78/80 or even above, which is not only unbelievable (I'm certainly not the most skilled of artists) but a massive load of my shoulders! Although, I suppose it could be moderated down, lets not think about that though. As with regards to graphics, the only deadline left, really, things are starting to come together. Just a lot of CAMing to come!

- Colm

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