Thursday, 13 January 2011

Infor-gay-tion evening

Well, things are pretty mahusively busy at the moment, so I mightnt do any updates for a while. I have graphics and ICT and art deadlines, not to mention a science exam. However, the science exam is hilariously easy, so im not really worried about that. And for graphics I still have about a month, or atleast till the end of half term, and I dont have that much to do, atleast compared to some people; im basically just finishing things off. With art, also, I only have a few pages to tidy up, and a bit of final piece to finish, shouldnt take too long. And with ICT, well thats easy enough, only takes a few minuites to do one of the 'essays'. So I suppose Im quite happy that I can deal with these pressures, and I find that the times that I am happy during these times, are the happiest times Im happy, as I know that I can cope, and end up doing well.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings that probably dont make any sense, but hey, I need someone to talk to when im bored at 11:05!

Also, incase youre interested, I have decided to stop with my art et.c., and am wanting to take Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Japanese!

- Colm


  1. Maths! Woop!
    Come to the dark side.... we have pi ;D

  2. Oh deary me :P
    and tbh, thats the option im most unsure of, I only get maths if I see a million examples, Im not one of the people that can just 'get it' straight away D: