Monday, 31 January 2011

Ireland Photos

I havent made a post in a while, so I guessed I would make one with some photos from Ireland, showing some edits that I am going to use for my art project. The good thing about this is they dont really need to make a lot of sense, and can be edited in any way, regardless of how skill/mindless the editing is. Either way, enjoy!

P.S - I hope you like my new layout, inspired by Tic-Tacs 8)
The original, desaturated image.
Colour corrected via histograms

Colour corrected, and then pissed about with Hue


  1. That's a random photo! Like, it's a wall... and metal bars... and a safety ring...
    But the edits are kwool B-]

  2. ehe, It was a toilet on the beach, I thought it looked kinda interesting xD

    Thankyou! (: