Sunday, 1 May 2011

Trolling the Saatchi

Close up of aforementioned banana

Whilst considering how much of a fallacy art is today, I remembered going on a trip organised by the wonderful Connor O'Shea, to many museums, one of which was the Saatchi museum, which seemed to pumped up to the roof with utter bullshit. In an amazing ploy of revenge at the art system which had angered me so much, I decided that one of the installations was so ridiculous that no one would notice if I put a banana alongside it. So, I got one of the leaflets for the museum, opened it to the middle, and place a banana -which had been in my pocket, annoying me all day- on top of it.

Added to the arrangement

I then waited for a quiet moment, and in mock observation, subtly bent down to place the banana on the floor. No one noticed for the whole duration I was there, and loudly announcing, "I wonder what the significance of the banana is" got many inquisitive nods of agreement from the people looking at the piece, and a few photos from a crowd of oriental tourists.

Banana in the distance
Unfortunately, after the security guard took two circuits of the ground floor, he noticed the problem and removed it, but hey; it was good while it lasted... and to be honest I can't say I would notice the difference if there was a banana there, one of the installations even had a croissant hanging from a rope.

On a slightly unrelated note, one of the few good things I saw in that museum was simply a room full of oil. It took me a while to figure it out, and at first I thought it was just an empty room, that was twice as deep as the others, but I soon saw that it was a reflection of the roof, and the smell gave it away too. That and the sign saying it was a room full of oil...

- Colm


  1. Congratulations on the banana scenario, I wonder what the security guard thought of it!

  2. Im sure he was impressed B)