Thursday, 28 April 2011


It is a good feeling when you know your revision has payed off, and without wanting to bore you with my earthly concerns, I am pleased to announce that my english coursework has been moderated up, and I achieved my target grade in a past paper we recieved back today :D

We were also subjected to a somewhat awkward Japanese lesson, in which we were re united with a couple of members of Uminohoshi (stars of the sea) students, the school we stayed in whilst on our homestay in Japan. Despite being in their class, and without trying to sound racist, I could not recognise them at all, I hope they werent offended :o As if that wasnt enough we then had to go on to prepare some questions for them, which were embarrasingly basic seen as though we have been studying the language for coming up to four years... Then, further awkwardness was forced on us, as we then had to answer the Japanese girl's questions directed at us, which mean short answers and plenty of awkward silences, with intermittent laughter, caused by anything a Gaijin says.

Other than that, on a slightly more related note, I gave in my art coursework today, which better be an A or I will stab someone in the face with a pencil. I also got my exam book back, which apparently is quite good, and doesnt need much improvement, although they dont know the exact grade yet. However, much to my annoyance I was also told that my teacher didnt think my artist Karl Blossfeldt was quite appropriate, and that Andy Goldsworthy would be a better choice, meaning I have to go back and change my second artist study. Looks like I have to do another tedious "Mood, Form, Process" sheet... :o I was also told that I needed to increase the flow of the book, as it wasnt always crystal clear where I was going, which in hindsight was probably due to me printing off large batches of photos and jamming them in my book.
Tonight, I stayed in school to see the drama's that Mrs. Welsh's group had to offer, which were all very good. Cein of course was amazing ;D But there are far too many to list. Although his group was good, I must say that my personal favourite was the last group that performed, so well done to you, I found it surprisingly effective and profound :D *ahem*

Other than that, in actual news, does anyone care about the wedding tomorrow? I suppose it's good that there is a lot of tourism coming into the country, although supposedly the bank holidays lose more money than the tourism will make. I dont think I will be doing anything in particular, other than the usual revision and/or art :'( But there is an excuse for a party in the evening I suppose :D

Sorry I wrote so much, I havent done much in a while so I thought I would make up for it. Also, I dont have much else to do at quarter to eleven on a thursday night.

- Colm

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