Saturday, 14 May 2011

Two in a day. I'm going for a record here.
And no, that's not what she said.
Today has been a pretty fruitful day revision wise, over two hours of media text practice and two hours of poetry, or as some would call it, a close encounter with suicide/ being provoked to have thoughts of self immolation during the upcoming English exam. But oh well, as I've said, it will be worth it 100fold when I can enjoy never having to do English again, and can instead spend my time watching 50 cent films. Speaking of which, I may have some more quotes later on.

I would post some more cynical English tips but my brain has been melted, so maybe more tomorrow, when it has solidified a bit more.

On a slightly related note, I have decided to start Catch-22 today, one of the great 20th century classics. Although I'm not sure how it will actually go, I've only read four pages...

Rather stupidly, I left my charger behind when transporting the laptop which I usually post from, so this is Posted from my iPod, with sillily small 'buttons' for my fat fingers, so apologies for any spelling errors.

Is anyone watching the eurovision? It's recording at the moment and I plan on watching it soon, I hope there is a healthy dose of ridiculous European techno music. I think it ends at ten, the time I must flee from my domain of Facebook as to avoid the result! I haven't heard jedward or blue yet, both of which should ensue many lulz, there's nothing I enjoy more than watching talentless bellends make even more of a bellend of themselves infront of the whole of Europe.

But anyways, I'd better shut up now, I fear I'm boring you. This happens when I have nothing better to do with my Time, and my iPod is really beginning to piss me off, so before I defenestrate my Ipod, goodbye!

- Colm

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