Friday, 6 May 2011

Some Rocks What are on top of Each Other

Arranged and taken to imitate a piece of, "Andy Goldsworthy's" which was combined with Geraint through the "Zigguraty" look, or something like that...
As exams draw closer, I cant help but be filled with a sense of calm. At this stage, I know I've revised and am in with a good chance of doing well for myself, but I really just want to get them out of the way! This brings me on to my next point, that the most anticipated day of my life is coming up (apart from maybe muse), a day where I will be filled with an inordinate joy, which will only be able to be expressed through the medium of rave raping David, or something to that effect. Either way, I don't think I will be able to keep quiet for the extra time people; when I finally leave the exam hall, after sitting all of my English exams! The most hated of all the compulsory subjects! The cancer rotting my brain, and corrupting my view on all book, films, and many other things, with its analytical nonsense! Finally, its reign of terror will be over! Until then comrades, stay strong, and continue marching to our goal of being able to approach a newspaper and think, "Damn, I bet there's a load of facts and opinions in those articles" then laugh in the face of it, as you do not need to know about them, nor their emotive devices, techniques and aims! You can think of all the shite poetry that will now breeze past you completely unnoticed, their life failures being realised as now that we no longer have to study them, there is no one to read them! Who even reads poetry anyways... in fact, who even writes poetry?! I will never understand. Either way, it will all be over soon, and we will be saved from the, "fire and blood and anguish" of A-Level english... or at least some of us will be.

Until this beautiful day I will rebel against the system by sharing with you some rather hilarious slaughterings of the English language, courtesy of 50 Cent, I would analyse them, but I really cant be arsed at the moment, maybe rap analysis will come in the summer... But anyways, here are but some of the many quotes my friends and I gathered from just a couple of hours of playing "Mr. Cent's" outstanding *ahem* video game, "50 Cent: Blood on the Sand":

  • "Step up pussies!"
  • "Yo Fifty, flank these fools!"
  • "Crazy bitches got RPGs up in there!"
  • "Piece of fucking shit!" (one of the more tasteful "taunts" of the game)
  • "I'm on the back seat fondlin' ya' bitch, Nigga!"
Thats all for now, thanks for reading my senseless rants and love of 50 Cent...

- Colm


  1. "Some rocks, *which are on top of each other" ;p

    A level English ftw! ^^

  2. Murphy's use of irony...

  3. ...makes him look a little idiotic; perhaps this is the effect on the reader that Murphy tries to achieve.

  4. evokes feelings of pity among his readers :(

  5. Lovin da rocks wot are on our kitchen table ! :-) ... as for the poetry - the day will come when you want to write your beloved a sonnet, so all is not lost ;-)