Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Public Transport, Art, and Stupidity do not mix well.

'lo all.

Once again, there has been a snow day.

I'm writing now as I wait for some paper maché to dry so I can paint a model for art.
Said Drying Paper Maché
This final piece I have been working on has caused me a lot of pain today. I had to wake up early to get into school for 2 O'Clock, and once I got there I had to trapse around in the snow looking for the elusive 'Roman'. Once I found him I had to search through the art room for about 20 minuites, checking behind every canvas and pile of scetchbooks for mine. I then realised, after I thought all hope was lost, that infact, my work may be in the other art room where I usually have my lessons.

Said Troublesome Canvas
You would have thought I would have realised this before moving huge piles of a1 folders and crawling through tunnels filled with work, but I am a simple man, and thus had to pay the price of shuffling out and moving it all back again. Once I had finally aquired my canvas I then had to get the bus back home. Typically, the denizens of slough public transport are not very nice people, and tend to reek of cheap chicken and chips, but today it had to be worse. Not only was I charged 200% on my 'Child' single as the driver didn't believe I was 15, but I had to shuffle next to a rather large woman with a canvas bigger than both of us.

The standard public transport passive aggression then began. She was constantly sighing and shifting, and pushing my legs away, to which I had no patience; do people not realise that if someone comes onto a bus with a canvas bigger than them, it's probably as a last resort?!

Well anyway, im off to continue painting my final piece.

- Colm


  1. Unlucky mate! :L

    Art looks good though! :D

  2. I suppose it was a bit of an adventure.
    Albeit a cold, boring one.

    And thank you Cein :]