Monday, 20 December 2010

Oioi saveloys,

Todays a snow day and I have honestly nothing better to be doing.

I just caught up on the Apprentice final and the Misfits christmas special.

Two mighty fine programs in my opinion. Although if I must be honest with you, there where some pretty humoungous plot holes in misfits. If you had the power to rewind time then why would you sell it off at the drop of a hat, and then get a massive boner over getting £20 000? Surely you could get up to more valuable things with the ability to turn back time? Well, im not going to lay into it too much, its a good show and it kept me entertained! Nathan is one of those characters that just makes you proud to be Irish, and I'm sure, one that makes people want an Irish accent even more...

But enough mumbabiling about Misfits, there are much more important things to be doing at this time of year. Like getting presents for your loved ones, or forgetting to, as the case may be. Looks like I'm getting 'bath shit' for everyone again...

N.B. - In accordance with the reason for starting this blog, I have inserted seemingly random photo edits of some shashins I took in Japan. Not really relevant in anyway, but I hope you enjoy.

Also, sorry if I have any appaling grammar or spelling errors in this, I would spell check it, but I really can't be arsed.

- Colm


  1. Just came across your blog colm,

    looks interesting - and I like the photo, where in Japan did you take it?

    Keep writing though, you might just bring it places!

  2. It was a street in one of the more rural areas of Tokyo, I think Its quite famous and I really should remember the name, Ill look into it for you!

    Thank you for the interest, I'll try and keep posting :)