Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

No photos yet, but I might put some, that I took today, up later on.

Been a good day? I have to say that this year I really wasnt getting that excited about Christmas. Im not exactly the excitable type, but I usually look forward to Christmas. Well, im not saying that I wasnt looking forward to it, just not as much as usual.

This year has been the first we didnt go to church, which is strange, as we usually do. But Im really not that bothered, Im hardly the religious type. Many a boring sunday has been spend wishing I was still asleep at home in my bed... rather than asleep in a pew at church.

I dont have that much to write about, as I didnt really do a lot today. I was woken up by my sister at 9 o clock, and fell back to sleep many a time. In fact, I had to be practically dragged out of bed so my sister could get to open her presents. Then we went downstairs and opened our presents. Soon after this we had some brunch and eventually got ourselves ready to go to windsor. The conditions were hardly optimal, so I wasnt suprised to see barely anyone wandering the streets. Soon, what was intended to be an atmospheric christmas walk turned into a battle to stay upright, as the paths were completely covered in ice.

From windsor we then drove to my fathers house, where we had round two of present openings, from which I recieved the laptop I am posting on now! And here we are, were all just relaxing at the moment, looking forward to christmas dinner with highly anticapating stomachs.

Merry Christmas person reading my blog; I hope you have a good one!

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