Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Geraint Up In 'Dis Bitch

As you all may or may not know, Monday and Tuesday of this week was our art exam. Two days of utter panic and stress. However, I think if we all spent half the time we do complaining about art, we would get it finished a lot quicker. Ironically, it always seems to be the people who shout, "Ahh, Im going to fail!" who end up getting the best marks. Although, this didnt apply to me too much, as I found it a rather relaxing two days. I was suggested to do some edits for my final piece, and the only manual task I had to do was set up and arrange a set of leaves and ziggurats, take the photos, and edit them. I needed two for my final piece, which would be printed out in poster size, but ended up finishing the day with over 120. Here are a few of them, on one of my die-tetrahedron sculptures:

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