Monday, 18 July 2011

Hagrid and Harry McVeigh

There are many ways that you can get a group of pesky youths and/or young ruffians to call you names, or even say "People like you should be sectioned", but my personal favourite is 'dressing up' (i.e. Being attacked by someone wielding a wig and an eye-liner) as Hagrid, especially in anticipation for seeing the last, most anticipated film of the series!

Why am I not sectioned? I do not know.
The film was good, and the ending was as cheesy as described in the book, be that a good thing or not.

Before then, other than sleep and eat, I went to a White Lies concert in the Kasbah in Coventry with some compadres of mine. We also happened to meet the band and have some (more) stuff signed. Standard.

Harry "Dish of the Day" McVeigh
(not pictured: raging erection [both parties])
Charles Cave - Bassist/Lyricist

Jack - Drums
(not trying to sound gay, but he looks much better without short hair, now he just looks like a pikey I pulled out of the streets)

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  1. you're a poet and you didn't even know it!
    btw colm, don't flatter yourself, you know really he was after the photographer ; )